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I’ve been out and about, but I’d just like to come back and say that today is the ONE YEAR mark since Butterflies for Harry was created. Unbelievable that it’s been so long. I’m so proud to have such great readers and I’m blessed to have friends that continue to still support my writing.

You’ll hear from me in the near future & thank you for being there for me.




Hi this is quick and I’ll answer a few questions.

Yes, I am still writing. I don’t know what I’m writing, but it’s something.

Yes, I am extremely busy.

Yes, I’m playing softball but I have a shoulder injury.


It’s dearedsheeran.wordpress.com

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Chapter 2- Distance


I’m feeling the pressure to get this done in 32 minutes because xfactor is going to be on and thAT IS MY SHOW EVERYONE. I’m such an X-Factor junkie… okay well here is chapter 2. And if Erick is reading this, it’s all just a story bro. Hope college is treating you well <3 xx-rafy

Chapter 2:

I was petrified to be in an airport alone. More than anything, I was scared to be on an airplane alone. Why couldn’t there be some law that prohibited minors from traveling without an adult? This was my idea…but part of me wished that some law could restrict me from going through with it.

I sat in the uncomfortable, dull grey waiting chairs in front of gate 8 for almost three hours.

My dad had assured me that lines would be incredibly long when in fact; they were empty for a change. The longer I sat there, the more I thought of the different parts of me being so indecisive about my trip.

I had made an impulsive decision to visit my brother.

I was longing to see him and he couldn’t get rid of me if I just showed up.

The real secret was, I was beyond scared of airplanes. My philosophy was if I was born without the capability to fly, then maybe I didn’t belong in the sky. But despite my fears, I owed it to my brother to support him for once in his life. I’d never been supportive and that’s most likely what started the feud between us years ago.

But now I was putting my life on the line by sitting in this plane next to a stranger and sky rocketing at 500 mph into the sky.

Rising above the clouds was breath taking, but I almost wanted to shoot myself because of the pain in my ears.

My constant indecisive thinking kept my mind off of my biggest fear… dying of this plane.

Jet Blue was nice, and after jamming out to some Enrique Iglesias songs on cheaply made headphones, I started to enjoy the flight.

I found myself dancing to Gangnam Styles in a sitting position and singing along to Demi Lovato songs just a little too loud for the person next to me.

I discovered a lot of that flight. I learned that any toddler could writer raps as well as Karmin because she’s like a bad knock-off version of Dr. Suess. I also realized that if you play Neon Trees and Fun. back to back that they sound the same. Also, I realized that I don’t have a best friend like Cher Llyod describes in “Oath”. But that wasn’t all I learned on that

One thing I noticed was not a single attractive man would be on a plane to where I was headed.

And two, that I would rather walk back to Florida before I got on another plane.

I released a large breath that I didn’t realize I had kept in as soon as my feet hit solid pavement.

I had researched every part of my brother’s campus for the past week so at this point I knew it like the back of my hand. I had mailed various letters to Aaron, all of which had never been returned so I assumed he was receiving them although I never got anything back.

So there I was, standing in front of the old brick building on the edge of campus. The bronze lettering had faded into a dull mint.

I walked in with a group of kids that I recognized from a few of Aaron’s Facebook pictures.

As we entered the elevator, I asked them, “Do you know where Aaron Clark’s room is? I’m his little sister and I came to surprise him.”

I gave a brief smile as the young boy standing closest to the number pad pressed the button labeled “7″.

He’s in room 715, right across the hall from me. But he never mentioned having a little sister?”

And before the awkward moment could linger any longer, the elevator doors opened and they all ushered me out of the elevator following the boy I’d spoken too.

Stopping in front of the door label 715, he turned to face me.

Here ya go, if you need anything more, the names Derek. Knock twice on the door so I know it’s you; I don’t want to answer if it’s one of the desperate Greek girls at the door.”

He laughed quietly and revealed a full, yet gentle grin.

“Thanks Derek and okay. I’ll remember.” I returned the smile and he turned and went into his room.

Then there it was room 715. I exhaled deeply and knocked on the door a little harder than anticipated.

Shutting my eyes for a brief moment, I silently prayed that no one would answer the door.

But, as usual, I was mistaken.

Before I knew it I was being engulfed in a hug but then I felt the shoulders of someone who was clearly NOT my brother and quickly, I pulled away.

I should have known Aaron wouldn’t have hugged me.

I mean he had never hugged me before, why would I have expected that to change?

When I finally had put some distance between the stranger and myself, I studied his features.

Oh it’s only you Harry. I thought it was Aaron but I don’t think he’s hugged me once in my entire lifetime.”

I looked down at my feet slightly but then he spoke.

Oh well I’m glad I gave you the favor of being hugged at least! Nice to meet you Missy, but I’m afraid Aaron isn’t here.”

He saw the disappointment in my eyes as if he understood why I was there.

But you’re welcome to set you things in the room and we can go have lunch until he returns?”

His green eyes sparkled and he tilted his head to the left slightly.

I nodded and entered the room that the boys shared.

To the left was Aaron’s side of the dorm room, clearly. And to the right, Harry’s mirrored it.

I laid my things down on the blanket a top my brother’s twin size bed as I began to inspect.

It was clean, but it reminded me nothing of home. But then I realized that that was probably exactly what he wanted.

He wanted to reinvent himself when he left that house. He wanted a place unlike the prison cell he was accustomed too.

He didn’t want anything to remind him of Mom, Dad, or even me.

He wanted nothing to do with us.

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Distance- a One Direction Fanfiction


Hi everyone! I’m back! I’ve been saving this chapter for the perfect moment and I believe it is finally here. So here is a new fanfiction featuring new characters that I’ve already fallen in love with. It’s another Harry story, sorry for the girls who’ve waited to see if it was going to be a different boy. I just feel emotionally attached to writing about him after Butterflies for Harry. SORRY! But the story is that Harry IS COMPLETELY NOT FAMOUS. HE’S JUST HARRY. okay okay, now that that’s cleared up… I hope you enjoy the story. Continue to check back whenever possible and have a lovely night! NOW ALL CHAPTERS WILL BE UNDER THE “DISTANCE” TAG ON THE RIGHT ——-> :)


Chapter 1:

Fingers just tapped gently at the keyboard. It wasn’t an excuse to be on the computer, it was more of an excuse to get rid of my unfortunate lifestyle.

I waited for a video chat.

My brother went to college and since then thinks have been different, to say the least. My brother and I have never been close. Sure, physically our bedrooms were attached. But emotionally, Aaron and I couldn’t be further apart.

Aaron spent a lot of time in his room, counting down the days where he’d finally get to escape this prison 0f a household. When I spent my time decorating my walls, Aaron spent his time destroying walls that unfortunately forced him to stay attached to this family.

I remember saying goodbye to him. He didn’t even hug me. He didn’t say anything along the lines of “I’ll miss you” or “I love you”.

He simply said goodbye.

And then he was on his way. Officially removing him from the temporary jail sentence I was still stuck in.

He attended a school that was more than “just a couple minutes away”. He attended a private university out in the beautiful, non-city part of New York State.

I live in Florida.

I’m three years younger than my brother. He’s nineteen, making me a lousy sixteen years old.

Being the encouraging little sister I am, I always tried to call him or text him to see how he was adjusting to his new lifestyle.

By the simple fact that he never responded, I took that as he was doing just fine.

So I just thought I’d give you the brief, pathetic life story between my brother and me. It becomes important and something I value at some point, and I’d hate for you to have skimmed over such an important factor in this story.

My names Missy, by the way.

I’m just a troubled teen searching for an excuse to get out of this house and out of this town.

Every day after school from three to seven, for the past seven weeks, I’d been sitting at my computer. I’d wait for the little green circle to appear next to his name on the chat box. That little flash of green would show how he was continuing to ignore me.

I knew his position. I could practically read his mind. He didn’t want to speak to his family. He didn’t want to be part of this family.

I thought to myself, “Maybe today will be the day”. But realistically, I knew that I was wrong. Today, I decided to be the reason to change.

I adjusted my hair a little so it flowed over my shoulders gently.

Quickly, before I could regret my decision, I called my brother.

My face showed up in the right hand corner of my screen and I could see my makeup had become smudged. My eyes drooped slightly revealing the light purple bags underneath my eyes.

Within a few seconds, I could see the face of a stranger.

But it wasn’t my brother; no it was a real stranger, someone I didn’t know.

At first I quickly glanced at my Skype making sure I had typed in Aaron’s username correctly. It was perfectly spelled with no mistakes.

The boy looked at me with question before speaking.

I’m sorry, I’m Harry. Aaron’s roommate. I’d assume you’re calling for him although I don’t know why because you’re a girl and Aaron doesn’t usually associate with the female population.”

He let out a small giggle at his own joke but I was too engrossed with how gorgeous his face was to laugh.

Before making myself seem like a complete idiot, I slipped out of my trance and gave a fake chuckle.

Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know Aaron wasn’t in. And I’m calling because I’m his sister. My name is Missy.”

Harry’s green eyes widened as I could tell he was embarrassed for assuming I was trying to make a move on my older brother. His cheeks turned a flush scarlet and he turned mute.

But ew. He’s my brother. And trust me, I know. I don’t think he’s ever spoken with a girl that wasn’t me.”

I ended with my signature small, shy smile as Harry’s lips curled into one also.

But just like every other time in my life, Aaron ruined my moment.

Who are you talking to Harry?”

I heard Aaron’s voice in the background.

Oh noooooobody…except your SISTAAAAA!”

Harry’s eyes never left my own as his ridiculous tone filled the room. Before I could say anything else, Aaron’s face covered my monitor.

His stern face indicated he was upset, but in all honesty, I was shocked that he didn’t end the video call as soon as he saw me.

Harry’s smile faded quickly as did my own.

Umm.. Well, it was lovely to hear from you. Nice talking to you, hope to see you soon.”

He slightly smiled as I said a few kind words as my own goodbye as Harry lifted himself from in front of the screen and Aaron replaced him.

Why are you calling Missy?” Aaron spoke in an almost embarrassed, yet harsh tone.

“Because I wanted to. You’re still my brother, you know, in case you’ve forgotten.”

My brother’s face looked thinner, more fragile as I studied it.

Well you know, I didn’t sign up to be your brother.”

He looked away from the laptop and huffed a little too loud under his breath.

Hey mate, that’s harsh! I’d give anything in the world to be able to speak to my sister.” Harry called from somewhere in the background.

Aaron’s eyes rolled and he unfortunately continued to stare at me.

In a few seconds he shouted back to Harry,

Maybe your sister didn’t ruin your life.”

He stared straight back at me as I remained speechless.

The more he didn’t want to talk to me made me realize how much I wanted to talk to him.

I could feel my eyes start t swell, but I knew that crying in front of Aaron wasn’t an option.

After a couple awkward seconds of silence, he tried to escape.

I’m busy Mis. I’ll talk to you soon.”

In the background Harry hollered a goodbye and he ended the Skype call.

And that was it. My brother was gone.

I’M BACK MY BABIES… well kind of…


MWAH HELLO MY LOVELY FANS! I’ve obviously been away for a little while but I’ve been starting to get a few ideas for a new story! So a new fanfiction is in the works but here’s the thing, I don’t know whether I should keep it under this website, or a tumblr, or what!?


I hope you enjoyed the ending of Butterflies for Harry. I’m still so emotionally attached to that story… it’s honestly pathetic. But also, there’s been a change in my twitter name! I am now @narry_feels. FOLLOW ME UNLESS YOU GO TO MY SCHOOL.


I hope you continue to follow the new story, I’ll be updating it before you know it! The boys are doing so well lately, and I’m really glad to be a part of this fandom at times like these. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening, and please keep checking back to see if I’ve updated!